A Day in Copenhagen


The beautiful buildings of Copenhagen.

Originally, I was supposed to spend two days and nights in Cappadocia, Turkey. I was REALLY looking forward to that. #caves #hotairballoons #uniquelandscapes

But that plan didn’t work out as I had hoped [#standby #noseats], so instead I zoomed up to COPENHAGEN, another place I’ve been wanting to see for myself. There were great flights in from Istanbul as well as good flights into my next destination, Sofia. And the weather cooperated QUITE nicely!! It was a glorious day with sunny, mild temperatures, perfect for a walking tour and a boat tour!

This city is PHOTOGENIC. I couldn’t stop taking photos and all of them were so so pretty. There is one main tourist street [Nguyen St.] with the colorful, iconic rowhouses, but many of the other streets were just as gorgeous.

My top two recommendations if you are new to town with a short time to see everything?

  1. Guru Walk free walking tour (*please tip the guide)
  2. Grand Canal Boat Tour with commentary

There are so many options for tours in Copenhagen [even an option to drive your own little boat up and down the canals!], but I chose the Grand Canal tour to get a guided view of much of the waterfront. Our guide was FUN and it felt like the perfect length of time [not too long, or short].

The walking tour was also a great length of time and equal parts fun and fascinating. Even better than having an expert guide leading us through the streets was the commentary and historical information he shared. He was pretty entertaining too. 🙂

Who knows if the surveys are right, but Danes are supposedly the happiest people in the world!! I know I felt very happy here…maybe it was the sunshine, the climate, the views, but it might have been a true vibe picked up from those around me! It’s a happy place.

I can’t tell you that a visit here is inexpensive [I mean, you can sleep in a hostel and eat at a grocery store like I do], because a meal at the food trucks will set you back at least $15. But the activities I chose in addition to using a day pass on public transportation kept my trip very manageable.

  • Views from the top of the Round Tower $5
  • Walking out to the swimming area at Kastrup Sobad free
  • Views from the top of Copenhill [garbage burning power plant!] free
  • Day pass for the bus/metro/ferry $14
  • Overnight stay at Steel House Hostel $35
  • Grand Canal Boat tour $30

I really had a blast and would love to return to this city. Next time I would rent a bicycle, because Denmark is MADE FOR BIKES. I would also rent a boat to zoom around the canals myself. 🙂

Just a quick plug for hostels — if you don’t mind sharing a room with others (it hasn’t been a problem in my experiences)! It can save you a lot of money and there are some really cute places out there! I’ll keep sharing my favorites! Remember to follow me on INSTA @nearerandfarther!

Copenhagen gets a 10/10 from me!!!

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