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So there is only one hostel in Austin [that I could find], and it’s not nearly as nice as any of the hostels in Denver [but it’s also cheaper]! All my needs were met [shower, female-only room, close to a bus stop], but it just wasn’t as comfy or glamorous as it could have been. 😉

Firehouse Hostel: 605 Brazos Street [I stayed in an 8-bed female room, $50] [book at]

Safe/Convenient Location: I would give Firehouse a 3/5 because it’s convenient and seemed safe enough, but there were a few homeless people hanging out on the street nearby and it was near a pretty rough part of town with boarded up windows. Not terrible, but not awesome.

Bathrooms: The bathrooms were clean, but not fancy [3/5]. I was wishing the showers had private stalls to change in, but fortunately I timed my visits well and was in there alone!

Bedroom/beds: Posted quiet hours were 2am-8am[!] but I was able to get a pretty good sleep each night. I was only awoken for a few minutes around 11pm on my first night when some international travelers came in and seemed to just be unzipping and zipping their bags again and again just for fun! :p The mattresses were something just a bit better than what you might find at a summer camp, but they were good enough [3/5]!

Pro tip: Always check and, but in some cases the prices are a bit lower on the hostel’s own website [linked above].

I was not expecting Austin to have such a GORGEOUS riverfront area, with so many miles of multi-purpose trails next to the water! Austin also has a super convenient bike share program, so with those two things [water and a bike], I was very happy.

The sky was seriously showing off and I was able to capture a beautiful timelapse! I watched the bats fly out from under the Congress Bridge, visited the Capitol Building, and enjoyed the 70 degree evening temperatures and well-lit downtown streets.

The next morning, I got back on a bike [with e-assist!] and pedaled up to one of the only high points in the city [Mt. Bonnell]. I flew the drone a little bit and just enjoyed the view! Next stop was Red Bud Isle which is the coolest off leash dog park I’ve ever seen! It’s another good spot for kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding too. The fall colors were exquisite.

But my favorite thing about Austin is the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail!!! I don’t know who Roy and Ann are, but thank you for such a fabulous place to ride a bike!! The boardwalk section is especially fun!!

Austin, you were a happy surprise!! I was expecting more cowboy hats and perhaps not as much of a “granola, PNW” vibe [is that a thing?], but wow, this part of Texas is beautiful. I would definitely return! I ate five tacos in two days [thank you Veracruz All Natural and Vaquero Taquero] and I enjoyed some shave ice at Jim Jim’s. Cheers to TEXAS!!!


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