Cycling the Tucson Loop Trail


If you do a Google search for “best biking trails in the US“, you’ll find a post that includes the Chuck Huckleberry Loop [otherwise known as the Tucson Loop]. And so, since I’m looking for all the paved trails near cities [where Alaska Airlines flies], this was right up my alley.

There are actually nearly 130 miles of connected multi-use paved trails around Tucson, but the inner loop that I just rode is close to 60 miles. I arrived on Monday just after 4pm, rode 12 miles [I had plotted lodging in a clockwise direction], and spent my first night at a Super 8 [not so super, but tolerable].

This is desert country, with very little grass, but tons of different varieties of cactus. Much of the trail hugs the sides of dry riverbeds, there for flood prevention during flash floods. In many cases, there is a paved trail on both sides of the wash!

So, I rode 12 miles on Monday, had a good sleep, did my three hours of tutoring [still working on vacay?], and then hit the trail [30 miles on Tuesday!!]. WOW. I wasn’t able to check in to my AirBNB until 8pm, so I killed a couple hours by watching a movie [Bruce came inside with me…yay for folding bikes!].

Wednesday morning, after tutoring in the AirBNB, I hit the trail again and rode 23 miles. This day was definitely my hardest since my tires were running a little low [after stopping to pump them up, things improved] and I was super tired of wearing my backpack. Night number three was the BEST [thank you La Quinta!!]. Another good sleep, more tutoring, and then it was back to the airport! I rode 60 miles in 2.5 days! If I had planned my trip with a little more free time, I would have explored downtown, but that will have to be saved for another visit.

I also didn’t plan this trip with much time for food! I hit up Trader Joes for bread and a banana, then Safeway for yogurt, cookies, and a banana, then Walmart for yogurt and a banana. 🙂 Yeah, there’s a theme. The only restaurant I went to was Indian Twist, because I could walk there from La Quinta. It was just okay. I definitely need to return to Tucson for a food tour!

Are you keeping track of where I’ve gone with Bruce so far? The Florida Keys, San Antonio, and now, Tucson. Where shall I take him next?

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