Enjoying the Florida Keys


Visiting the islands of the Keys and Key West has been on my radar for quite some time. I planned a whole trip with the idea of taking a bus to Key Largo, renting a bicycle, and bike packing the whole distance to Key West and back, camping along the way. Someone working at one of the hostels I stayed at said people bike the route and one family WALKED. That’s crazy! It’s 100 miles one way and there are plenty of sections where the bike path turns into a bike lane on a narrow bridge with cars zooming by! I’m glad I rented a car to scope out the situation before committing to such an adventure.

I did bring my new folding bike {hi Bruce} and he was a great teammate!!! We rode a section of the old seven mile bridge, but sadly, most of it is closed off due to unsafe conditions. Riding around Old Town Key West was fun, even after dark. It’s a cute little area of town with lots of plantation style homes and great lighting for ambience.

My two favorite beaches were Sunset Park at Key Colony Beach and Anne’s Beach Park in Islamorada [pictured below]. The water is so turquoise and pretty and the palm trees definitely make it feel like paradise. Visiting in January or February is a perfect time of year.

I was surprised to learn that some of the beaches in the Keys are imported, like the sand at Smather’s Beach [brought in from the Bahamas!]. This was a perfect place to wade into the ocean for a quick dip! The water is pretty chilly in the wintertime, but I wouldn’t want it to be any less refreshing!

My visit to Key West was pretty short and sweet and I really want to come back to spend more time in the Key Largo and Islamorada area. This part of the world is pretty gorgeous, especially if you have a paddleboard or jet ski to get out on the water and explore. I highly recommend it.

  • Best key lime pie: Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe
  • Best hostel: NYAH {Not Your Average Hotel}
  • Best beverage: Cuban coffee
  • Best farmer’s market: Truman Waterfront, Thursdays 2-7

Thanks for the fun times, Florida! You’re pretty great.

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