Loving the San Antonio River Walk!!


These days I’m really on the lookout for multi-use trails in cities [that Alaska flies to] with weather that I can enjoy! 🙂 I can’t promise that San Antonio will be great every month of the year, but for me in February? It was great! I did some biking in places that I learned later are only meant for walking [oops], but there are a LOT of paved trails through the downtown area as well as north and south of the city. All the waterways feel a little bit like Venice [you know Venice is WAY cooler, but still], and I enjoyed myself so much.

As you can see in this next photo, part of the river system was drained in order to do some maintenance, but the most touristy area was still full of water! The bricks/rocks/plants/general design all along the water was so pretty. Someone had a great vision when putting this all together!

I went to visit the Alamo as well [it’s sad to go inside this church and imagine the women/children hiding in there while the fighting was happening]. There was a TON of construction happening throughout the downtown area which made it a little trickier to get around, but it just means the city will be that much nicer when everything is completed!

I did ride my bicycle [“Bruce”] all the way down to Mission Espada [my total mileage for the day was 26.5, but I think it’s about 10 miles from the downtown area to this spot]. I can’t say that I cared to stay and look around for very long at these missions, but the weather was amazing and I was just enjoying being outside with a trail to ride!

So, do you like multi-purpose trails and great weather in February? Want to walk or ride along the water for many happy miles? San Antonio and its delightful river might be a good destination for you too! 🙂

Food Recommendations in San Antonio:

  • Velvet Taco — with vegetarian options! (I loved the fried paneer + battered cauliflower)
  • La Panaderia — wow, they have a lot of treats! (my favorite was the churro cinnamon roll)

I didn’t eat at many places on this short trip… #frugaltravel I got a yogurt drink and watermelon at the local H-E-B and my pastries lasted for two meals!! 😮 I need to go back to San Antonio again because the food options look amazing!

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